Meet Me

Hi, I’m Alexandra!

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to announce and share my blog EverydayZandy! Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexandra, when I was little my dad created my nickname Zandy. It stuck around throughout my childhood and even into my adult life. I have gone by both and love them so much, they just describe me so well. Alexandra is sophisticated, elegant, creative and loves story telling. Zandy likes to laugh, experiment, and is a little more carefree. I am a NY born and bred 27 year old who lives in LA. Why LA? That’s a story for another blog.

Oh right, the blog, why did I create this? Why do I want to share my everyday life with all of you? I love to write and thought having a blog would be a perfect place for me to share and also practice something I love. As a 20 something who grew up in the year 20 something, I know it’s not easy. They don’t teach you in high school or college how tough young-adulthood can sometimes be. I have not experienced everything that someone has dealt with in their twenties, but I can share my experience with you. I want to share tips, tricks, and a few fun pics, that could help make your life a little easier. Hopefully I bring you some entertainment and assistance, even if it’s just a quick laugh or smile. Sometimes you need a break from the real world and to be told a story unlike your own or to be shown that yes, you can do this! That’s what I am here for, that is what I am bringing to the table and I am passionate about it. 

When I was in my early 20s, I felt lost. I went to a college where they prepared you for some of the outside world…but a lot of it was really focused on things that were not really relevant to my situation. So everything I thought I had been prepared for was gone, or at least it felt that way. In short, I am only 27. There is still so much about life and the world I don’t know, but I hope you will stick around to experience it with me. So what is EverydayZandy about? It’s about living your everyday life. It’s about taking on challenges, adventures, or experiences that lead you to trying something new. It’s about sharing what my life is like to connect with you, and maybe give some advice on how to get through a problem in yours. I am looking forward to sharing my love of makeup, cooking, storytelling and more. To share a little bit of everything from my everyday life.

Remember, every day is a new day.