Halloween Makeup Looks 2020

Growing up I have always loved Halloween! Wearing a costume, playing with makeup, and becoming a character is just so fun and creative. It’s the one time of year I get to go all out with a new look and no one will judge me. Throughout the year I still play with some fun makeup looks but nothing is like Halloween. This year, of course, is a bit different. I haven’t heard of any party, gathering, or even zoom shindig going on. Normally I dress up several times for work, going out with friends, or even going to a haunted hayride. Just because I don’t have plans this Halloween doesn’t mean I won’t dress up and sit in my living room watching non horror movies all night. Halloweentown here I come!

This year I created 4 Halloween Makeup looks you can wear with or without a mask. I have a list at the bottom of the page for the specific makeup I used in each look. Stay safe and let’s get started!

  1. Let’s start off with a classic, Disney Princess. When developing a makeup look for a Disney character my recommendation is to focus on the colors of the princess. Instead of recreating Rapunzel exactly, my idea was Rapunzel inspired. This is definitely an easy look anyone can do. After laying a base of foundation, concealer, and setting powder I went in with the eyeshadow. This is where those specific colors come in. For Rapunzel I knew I wanted purple and pink. Start by laying a neutral shadow in your crease, this will give you a safe base to start with when using more vibrant colors. After that I went in with the purple, again in the crease and then pink on the outer half of the lid. On the inner half of the lid I used a pink champagne glitter. Once your eyeshadow is done finish off with eyeliner and mascara. If you are not wearing a mask, definitely go in with a pink gloss. This really ties the makeup look together. If you are wearing a mask, skip the gloss and add your own spin. I chose a purple mask and added gold glitter in the shape of the Tangled sun to accessorize my look. Now grab your Rapunzel inspired costume, put your hair in braids, and wield your frying pan! Obviously all colors, items, and clothing can be swapped for different characters. Example: Cinderella – White Sparkle, Light Blue, Dark Blue. Moana – peach, tan, dark brown.
  1. When thinking about what looks to create for a masked Halloween I knew I wanted to do something a little more creative. My sister recommended I do something dripping down my face, aha ice cream! For this look you can use either face paint or eyeshadow. I chose to use blue, pink, and purple eyeshadow. First step, I took a brown eyeliner pencil and sketched out where I wanted the drips to lay on my face, trying to be aware of where the face mask would lay. After that I started to fill it in, pink on one side, blue on the other. Under the pink side I create a blue eyeshadow look with purple on the outer V and on the blue side I created a pink look with purple on the outer V. I definitely suggest adding the eye look after you have packed on the eyeshadow to the drips, it will be easier to blend. Now add the highlights and lowlights to the drips with white and a medium brown eyeshadow/pencil. Of course we can’t forget about the ice cream details – the sprinkles! If you didn’t want to use the sprinkles I would suggest hot gluing an ice cream cone to a headband, you’ll still get a similar look. For the sprinkles, pick out some in the colors you want, make sure to choose ones that are a bit larger. This part takes patience but will really pull the look together. One by one I dipped each sprinkle in lash glue, waited a few seconds, then stuck it on my face. Throw on a big lash, grab your mask, and you’re good to go! Instead of going with a plain mask I decided to add an ice cream patch with some hot glue.
  1. At this point I was definitely itching for something a bit spookier so I went on Pinterest to find some inspiration. Spooky season is here so I had to represent it with a witch. A classic piece I used for this look was a black felt tip eyeliner marker, you want one with a skinny sharp tip. That will make drawing on the shapes way easier. Since I knew I was using black eyeshadow I decided to do my eye makeup before any of my face makeup. That way it would be easier to wipe away any fallout powder from the eyeshadow. This is definitely a good tip to follow if you are using darker or more powdery shadows. I primed my lid with a concealer and topped it with a translucent powder. Taking a neutral eyeshadow (light brown, peach, cream), I lightly blended that into my crease. Next I grabbed the black eyeshadow with a fluffy brush, tapped off the excess and then began building my desired shape. Once the shape was in place I decided to have some fun with electric eyeshadow colors! Add any witch/spell inspired shapes you want, grab your black mask, and your good to go.
  1. For my fourth and final masked look I went back to Halloween a few years ago where I dressed up as a comic strip! So fun and pretty easy too. You can really do any kind of eyeshadow look you want, the most important element to this look are the black lines. I used a black felt tip eyeliner but you could also use a skinny brush and some black face paint. When choosing a mask I liked the look of a white one outlined in black, I think it made it pop off my face more. Another fun addition to this look are the comic dots. For this I took the back of my makeup brush, dipped it in some face paint, and stamped it on! If you are not wearing a mask make sure to line your lips in black and use a bright color to finish off the look.

I love having the chance to sit and create fun looks every Halloween. Even though this year is different than any other year before, we can still make it memorable. Whether you are social distancing, zooming, or sitting at home watching a spooky movie I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! Let me know which look was your favorite this year! To see more fun Halloween looks from 2020 be sure to check out my Instagram.

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