Holidays Can Be Expensive! 5 tips to help you save.

The holidays and Black Friday are right around the corner! As strange as the year 2020 has been, I can’t believe it’s almost over. In my last blog post I wrote a little bit about Black Friday and a way to see what deals have already been announced. If you haven’t seen it yet you can read about my tips for celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020 here. I know a lot of people have anxiety when it comes to money. As a twenty something living in the world twenty something I have struggled with this for years. Living expenses, groceries, gas, bills, the dentist, etc. every time I see those numbers I get a pit in my stomach. As much as I try to plan what I will be spending in a month, something always comes up. I have put together five EZ tips (Everyday Zandy easy tips) to help you save money this season. 

Searching for gifts on a tablet
  1. Make a list ahead of time. Since I am spending more time at home this season I am trying to write down my gift ideas for everyone. Now I can keep a lookout for sales, even before Black Friday. I also like to number what I want to get someone from most important to least. I buy what I am most excited about first and then if I can’t get to number 3, 4 or so on, then I can save it for the next celebration. I will be sharing some holiday gift guides this season so stay tuned for those. Some topics are Coffee Crazy, Cat and Dog Lover, The Techy, the Practical Person, and more.
  2. Plan a budget. I also like to write down the cost of each item. In addition, when I purchase something I write how much it actually ended up costing me, This way I can see if it was a deal or not and in the end I can total up my spending. I understand how having a budget can make you feel less in the holiday spirit, but there are ways you can try to save or even make a DIY gift.
  3. That being said…Don’t spend more to DIY. If you are making a DIY gift to try and save money, make sure you are not spending more than you would if you just bought it in the first place. Similar to #2, write down everything you will need ahead of time and track the cost. Keep in mind the price and your time, in the end if it will stress you out, either pass or buy.
  4. Sites that help you save. There are several sites and apps you can use to make sure you either have the best deal or get cash back. I use these two sites on the regular. Let’s start with my favorite, Honey! Honey is a free browser extension that automatically applies eligible coupons to your cart before check out. I have saved quite a bit of money, received free shipping, or even had a little added gift because of Honey. You can learn more about it here. The second one I use is Rakutan, especially during the holidays. After you sign up, you are eligible for cashback deals and shopping rewards. Once you search for the website you want to shop at, Rakuten will let you know if there is a percentage cash back from that store and how much. All you have to do is click on it and it will redirect you to the site you wanted to go to in the first place. It will also automatically apply the cash back to your account after you purchase. Once you have made more than $10 in cashback a check will be mailed out to you. Check out Rakuten here. Both of these sites/apps are super easy to use and beneficial when it comes to the holidays!
  5. Sign up for those mailing lists. I know it’s annoying but if it can get you a discount on a site you really want to order from then do it. You can always unsubscribe in the end.

Hopefully these 5 EZ tips will help you when it comes to your holiday shopping this year. If you have an additional tip to the ones above make sure to comment below or let me know so I can add it to the list! I know it’s a crazy time during a crazy year, but you’ve got this. We’re almost there.

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