Here come the holidays: 8 gift guides for the season

Christmas is in T-minus 14 days! If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, or are looking for one more gift, here are several themed gift guides to help you out. Hopefully you can find something fun, practical or silly from these lists!

Wine Lover Gift Guide

1. Wine Lover

If you have someone in your life who loves anything to do with wine than this is for you! Here are a few gift suggestions for the red or white lover in your life.

Gift Guide For A Working Girl Or Guy

2. Working Girl or Guy

Nowadays it seems like everyone is working from home or they’ve started a small business where they need to work during their free time. Here are a few gifts to give someone for their desk at home or at the office.

Fashionista Gift Guide

3. Fashionista

Do you have a friend who you would call a “Fashionista”? I think of this as someone who is trendy, always posting pics on social media, and is your go to for advice on fashion, relationships, and events. Here are a few fun items for that person in your life.

Bride To Be Gift Guide

4. Bride To Be

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone, especially brides to be. Make the bride in your life smile with one of these fun gift ideas!

Gift Guide For Games

5. Games Galore

You can’t go wrong with getting someone a card or board game as a present this year. These are all ones that I have played and even own, so I can definitely say they are a lot of fun! If you’re going to pick one, I highly recommend an escape room board game! There are so many different versions to pick from and all a blast.

Rest and Relaxation Gift Guide

6. Rest And Relaxation

The one thing everyone could use this holiday season is a gift for rest and relaxation. I have the Tuuli massage rollers and use them often. Whether you are giving it to yourself or a loved one, here are a few ideas to help ease your mind and your muscles.

Cat Lover Gift Guide

7. Cat Lover

This category is for me and every other cat lover in your life. Have you ever heard of cat wine? It is non alcoholic (of course) and infused with catnip, fun right! You can’t go wrong with a feline themed gift for your friend or their furbaby.

Dog Lover Gift Guide

8. Dog Lover

Same as above, you can’t go wrong with a gift for that sweet pup or dog lover in your life! As someone who loves to cook I am intrigued about the Bone Appetite cookbook, but maybe I need a dog first? I’m sure my friends with dogs would love it.

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