Manifesting 2021

Long time no talk!

I have to admit, I’m a little embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to sit down and write another blog post. Especially one about manifesting 2021. But, it’s never too late to start your goals and aspirations for the year! Every December 31st when the clock strikes midnight and the last digit of the year changes there’s a feeling of celebration and a fresh start. It’s something most people look forward to, and 2021 is no different. We may not know what to expect from this coming year but I think we can breathe a little easier knowing that 2020 is behind us. So let’s manifest the best year we possibly can. 

My first blog post was about manifesting, I really think that if you wholeheartedly believe in yourself and envision your goals you will achieve them. Now, it won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without some work from yourself. But you can do it, I believe in you. That is why I am going to share what I am manifesting for myself this year.

  1. Be A Better Content Creator – What is a content creator? It is someone who…well…creates and shares any kind of content. At this point, I would call myself a content creator. I want to educate, inspire, and bring positivity into people’s lives as often as possible. BUT I don’t want to obsess to the point of a mental breakdown. I love my blog and I love my Instagram (@Makeupbyzandy – go follow me), but if I don’t love or care about what I am sharing then how can I expect other people to either. Let’s talk about what I WILL do this year. I will increase my followers with people who believe and trust in me to share real, authentic content. I will create inspiring, positive, and creative content, and will not be afraid to reach my goals and dreams by sharing myself online. I am here with a purpose and I will share it with the world. 
  2. Find A Calmer Spirit – 2020 increased my level of anxiety. It actually started before the pandemic and of course just continued to grow throughout the year. Sometimes I feel like it’s stopping me from moving forward. I can get stuck on what someone said or did, or something I said or did. It’s like I have fallen into a routine of allowing myself to sit and stew in these emotions before acting to change them. So what will I do this year to help calm my mind and ease my heart. I will journal several times a week. I will find downtime for myself before bed time that doesn’t include a screen. I can read, write, draw, meditate, plan, do a crossword puzzle, anything. I know creating a positive habit like this will really benefit me this year. 
  3. Feel More Comfortable In My Space – I moved into a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend in May and I love it. It was a big step for both of us, the only thing I am having an issue with is our space. It just doesn’t feel cohesive or organized. It’s like he had things, and I had things, and now we have things…but none of it goes together. I know over time this is something that we will upgrade and change, but how can I feel less cluttered now. What will we do this year to make our place feel more like a home. We will go through and get rid of things that we don’t use, wear, or need anymore. We will focus on organization with a purpose. I don’t want to have a box, just to have a box. It needs to have a purpose and make sense in the space. We will also make it more our own by personalizing the rooms with color, photos, and love. 
  4. I Will Explore – I am homesick a lot. If you don’t know, my sister and I moved from NY to CA about three and a half years ago. Crazy to think it has been that long. I miss my family and friends and tend to focus on it a lot because I am stuck at home. There’s really only one person who can change that, Me. This year I will take time to get out of the house and explore CA. I will plan day trips, overnights, whatever will get me to experience something new. I want to travel of course, but I also mean explore new things like restaurants, hikes, or activities. We all need something to look forward to as the year goes on and to break out of this rut and the mindset of “I’ll do that tomorrow”.
  5. Stay Present – Something that I preach and share on this blog is that “every day is a new day.” I truly believe that you can always look towards tomorrow for a fresh start. That being said, I know I can focus too much on the future and planning. Just ask my mom, growing up I used to ask her every day what was for dinner so I could plan my meals in my head…it drove her crazy (still does). Looking towards the future constantly can be draining. You lose out on what you are experiencing right now. As you are reading this I want you to take a second and close your eyes. Think about what you are experiencing right now, what you hear, smell, how you feel, if there is anyone around you. I’ll share. My boyfriend is currently taking a shower, my cat is sleeping in the living room, and I am sitting on the bed writing to all of you. I actually feel good, happy, productive. I am comfortable, loved, and safe. It’s ok to feel whatever you are feeling but I think it is important to acknowledge it. Sometimes just acknowledging it can help you push through it. 
  6. Feel Closer To My Family – As I mentioned in #4, I do feel homesick quite a lot. It’s been tough, especially during quarantine. I get thoughts in my head like I am working from home, why aren’t I in NY with my mom and dad. I have the time this weekend why aren’t I FaceTime my best friends or calling my grandma. It’s overwhelming, draining, and heart breaking. Instead of focusing on that, what will I do for myself this year to feel closer to my loved ones. I will put more effort into FaceTiming them and setting up virtual dates. One day during quarantine my friends and I all watched Dirty Dancing over zoom and it was one of my favorites. We spent all day just sitting with each other and it is exactly what I needed at that moment. We all get busy and forget how much we need to feel loved by those who are far away. And when I do see or talk to them, it feels like nothing has changed. I will reach out more to check on the mental health of my loved ones. I will do my best to go home when I feel like I need it and not push the time. If 2020 taught me anything it’s that you need to listen to yourself about what you need and not push it away.
  7. Continue To Live a Healthy Lifestyle – I wrote about this in my blog “Manifesting 27”, I am working on living a healthier lifestyle. This of course includes diet and losing weight, but also feeling good in my body. We recently joined weight watchers and I honestly didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. I am a big fan of whole 30 and was never good at counting calories. I think with weight watchers you get to make the plan work for you. You can check it out here if you want to learn more. I will continue to push myself to live a healthier lifestyle. I will go for walks and get outside as much as possible. I’m not going to lie, there have been days where I haven’t left my apartment and it is depressing haha. I will work on letting the sunshine hit my face and breathe more fresh air. 
  8. Be More Me – I love myself. I love who I am, I love my name, I love my talents, I love what I am passionate about. So how can I feel that more in my everyday life? I really feel like I am missing a bit of me. Again, I am stuck in my everyday routine of waking up, working, sitting on the couch, and going to bed. What will I do to help myself feel more like me this year? I will learn something new. I will be creative. I will take time to play with makeup, bake, hang with my twin sister, have date nights with my boyfriend, and play with my cat. I will continue to take a lot of photos, share on my Instagram, and write blogs about what I am doing with my life. I will share tips, tricks, and positivity because that is what makes me me. I will find a way to add theatre back into my life during a time where no one can go see a show. I need to do all of these things and more, and will really try to push myself to be a better version of me. 

Whoa, even writing that all down seems like a lot. And it is, but it’s just for me. Your goals and manifestations are your own. Writing them down or creating a vision board is a great way to remind yourself what you are capable of, what you can achieve, and what your dreams are. So, here is your homework. Yes I am giving you homework. I want you to manifest something for yourself. It can be one thing, it can be eight things, but it’s something just for you. Write it down, draw it, make a collage, do something that when you see it you know what it means. Say it with me, I believe I am capable of greatness and I WILL achieve my goals this year. 

As always, never forget that every day is a new day.

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